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Chef James Ngugi

Born and raised in Nakuru county in Kenya, Chef James Ngugi discovered his passion for cooking at the tender age of ten. His passion was stirred by three major factors:

1] the first being he lost his mother when he was young and had to take care of his younger sibling, so he had to “man up” and learn how to cook;

2] the second one is the influence from his uncle who was a chef at St Andrews, Turi, and would always cook them delicious food whenever he visited. James wanted to be like him.

3] The third factor was the fact that he was brought up by his grandmother, who taught him all the basics of cooking traditional food.

After high school, he went on to pursue further studies at Ujima Foundation for Training and Development, a vocational institute based in Nakuru. Chef James hasn’t turned back since then and has been pursuing his dream for the last six years. He runs a YouTube channel that goes by the name ‘Chef Jammie’.

Chef James is the head chef at the Alps Hotel in Nakuru. Every first and the last week of the month, he shares his brunch favourite dishes at the hotel.

Chef James believes that, regardless of what your background is, your gender is, and/or your religion is, food is something everybody in this world has in common, and it is what connects people together.

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