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Chef Wilcofread Kivungi

Allow us to introduce Chef Wilcofread Kivungi, a culinary virtuoso whose journey into the realm of flavours was sparked by the chefs he encountered during his time as a commercial dry cleaner. In 1995, inspired by these culinary artists, Chef Kivungi decided to embark on a new path. With unwavering determination, he bid adieu to his dry cleaning job in July 1996 and embarked on a food production course at the Kenya Hotel Institute in Nakuru, earning his diploma in July 1997.

His culinary voyage kicked off with an attachment at Kasarani Sports View Hotel, followed by an enriching stint at Safari Park Hotel. However, the allure of culinary excellence led him to the doors of Fairview Hotel in the year 2000. It wasn’t long before an exciting opportunity beckoned him to the illustrious Hilton Hotel in Nairobi, a revered 5-star establishment. Beginning as a Commis Chef, Chef Kivungi’s talent and dedication propelled him upward, ascending the ranks to become a Chef de Partie. Hilton Hotel became his training ground of choice, where he flexed his culinary muscles across various outlets, eventually landing at the esteemed fine dining Italian restaurant, Sale e Pepe. Here, he artfully crafted dishes that delighted the palates of the restaurant’s most discerning patrons.

Eager to refine his craft, Chef Kivungi pursued further studies at Kenya Utalii College and Hilton University during his nine-year tenure at Hilton. With a desire for new challenges, he ventured to Sankara Hotel, a pinnacle of luxury in Nairobi. Guided by the legendary Chef Gaetano Sgroi, Chef Kivungi flourished, progressing from Junior Sous Chef to Banqueting Sous Chef, and ultimately to the coveted role of Executive Sous Chef. His culinary prowess made him the face of Sankara’s kitchen team, even gracing national television shows as a representative of the hotel.

Yet, the hunger for excellence drove him further. In November 2016, Chef Kivungi found his place at Villa Rosa Kempinski, Nairobi, as an Executive Sous Chef. This role allowed him to elevate his culinary artistry even more, honing his skills in a globally recognized hotel chain. In August 2020, he embraced a new chapter in his journey, taking on the esteemed position of Executive Chef at Radisson Blu Hotel & Residence Nairobi-Arboretum, a distinguished member of the renowned RADISSON GROUP.

“Gastronomy Is My Life,” Chef Kivungi declares. His culinary philosophy revolves around meticulous attention to ingredients, from humble potatoes to exquisite foie gras. Every detail matters, yet nothing overshadows the holistic experience. His kitchen is a realm of authenticity and integrity, where he upholds a principle of substance over excess.

So, as you savour his creations, remember that each dish is a testament to Chef Kivungi’s unyielding pursuit of culinary excellence, a journey that began with inspiration and has matured into a masterpiece of flavours. Bon appétit!

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