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Wanjiku Lucia Mugo, the founder of Bakers Club and a seasoned expert in the field, was invited to speak at the Bakers Summit about the bakery industry and her recent experience at the Bakery and Pastry Expo. Join us as we delve into her journey, the Expo’s highlights, empowering experiences, and lessons applicable to your own baking enterprise.

Wanjiku Lucia Mugo, also known as Wanjiku Lucia, is the driving force behind Bakers Club, a remarkably large Facebook group with over 445,000 members. The group serves as a vibrant centre for both bakers and enthusiasts, fostering daily interactions and discussions that allow members to share their experiences and advice. Wanjiku’s passion for pastry extends beyond this digital platform, as she is also the mastermind behind Sugarcraft by Lucia, a thriving enterprise that specialises in creating cakes for all occasions. In addition, she is the proprietor of the Buruburu Baking Supplies Shop, which provides the culinary community with high-quality baking supplies.

Attending the Bakery and Pastry Expo was an enriching experience for Wanjiku. The Baker’s Summit, a gathering of experts and professionals in the field, stood out for her. The summit provided Wanjiku with a forum for discussing difficulties and gaining advice from seasoned bakers. Hearing about the successes and lessons learned from failings of other baking veterans was an excellent source of motivation.

The Expo is centred on the dissemination of knowledge and empowerment. Wanjiku connected strongly with this sentiment, valuing the opportunity to learn from culinary experts and share her own journey. She found the opportunity to empower others in the culinary industry to be beyond satisfying. The Expo was a goldmine of beneficial information for her business. Her interactions with manufacturers, financial experts, and advisors equipped her with the means to effectively manage her ventures. Her desire for the Expo to be an annual event demonstrates her appreciation for the abundance of information and networking opportunities it provides.

Wanjiku Lucia’s voyage in the baking industry, her leadership in the Bakers Club, and her participation in the Bakery and Pastry Expo serve as a source of motivation for both aspiring and established bakers. Her tale emphasises the significance of unyielding passion, ongoing education, and collaboration in the baking community. The path to baking success is paved with knowledge sharing, error analysis, and continuous skill enhancement.


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