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Exploring the Highlights of the East Africa Bakery and Pastry Expo 2023

The East Africa Bakery and Pastry Expo 2023 marked a significant milestone as it brought together local and international manufacturers, suppliers, and industry players to showcase innovative bakery equipment and products. Held at the Sarit Expo Centre in Nairobi, this sixth edition of the event was a culmination of baking expertise, knowledge sharing, and networking on a global scale. From captivating displays of bakery products to insightful panel discussions, the Expo left a lasting impact on attendees and participants alike.

A World of Bakery Excellence Under One Roof

The Expo showcased a diverse array of bakery products and equipment, featuring both local and international players in the industry. The event was more than just a platform for displaying products; it was an opportunity for industry experts to come together and exchange ideas, trends, and insights. The Sarit Expo Centre transformed into a hub of creativity and innovation, with every corner abuzz with the aromas and flavours of freshly baked goods.

Knowledge-Rich Summit

In addition to the captivating displays, the Expo offered a two-day knowledge-rich summit, featuring star-studded speakers from various segments of the industry. The summit covered a range of topics, from the latest baking techniques to sustainability practices, catering to both seasoned professionals and newcomers to the field. Participants were able to glean insights from industry leaders and experts, deepening their understanding of current trends and best practices.

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