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Positive Response to Plastic Management

The East Africa Bakery & Pastry Expo has made a grand return, promising a bigger and better event than before. The expo, which showcases the region’s vibrant bakery and pastry industry, has attracted a wide range of suppliers offering an extensive array of products. With an increased number of participants, this year’s expo aims to provide an enhanced experience for attendees.

Organizers of the event expressed their excitement in bringing together a larger pool of suppliers, ensuring a diverse selection of bakery and pastry products for visitors to explore. The expo offers a platform for industry professionals to showcase their latest creations, exchange knowledge, and foster partnerships within the baking community.

As one of the prominent events in East Africa’s culinary calendar, the East Africa Bakery & Pastry Expo serves as a valuable opportunity for networking and learning. With a focus on innovation and quality, the expo provides insights into emerging trends, cutting-edge techniques, and advancements in the bakery and pastry sector.

This year’s event garnered significant attention due to the presence of Francis Chwanya, the Compliance and Enforcement Officer at the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA). Mr. Chwanya, who served as a guest speaker at the Bakers Summit, delivered a compelling talk on plastic management, emphasizing its importance for businesses and the environment.

During his address, Mr. Chwanya stressed the need for organizations to actively engage with NEMA, providing regular updates on their progress in plastic management. He highlighted the delicate balance between environmental conservation and economic considerations, underlining that sustainability is vital for long-term business success.

Moreover, Mr. Chwanya called upon content creators to raise awareness about plastic management, urging individuals to be conscious of their plastic contributions to the environment. He shed light on upcoming regulations on plastic control and extended producer responsibility, emphasizing that producers must take steps to reduce their plastic footprint and be accountable for the waste they generate.

The Compliance and Enforcement Officer also drew attention to the Sustainable Waste Management Act, emphasizing the crucial role of waste segregation at the domestic level. He encouraged attendees to adopt proper waste management practices, as addressing the plastic problem is a pressing issue that demands immediate action. By managing waste effectively, individuals can significantly reduce their plastic footprint and contribute to a healthier planet.

Expressing satisfaction with the positive response received at the Bakery Expo, Mr. Chwanya commended the organizers for their dedication and the event’s technical expertise. Despite being held during a holiday, the expo garnered substantial attendance, showcasing the commitment of individuals in adhering to the plastic packaging ban within their sector.

The East Africa Bakery & Pastry Expo has returned with a bigger and better event, attracting a wide range of suppliers and industry professionals. The presence of Francis Chwanya as the Bakers Summit guest speaker added significant value to the event, highlighting the importance of effective plastic management and the need for sustainability in the bakery and pastry industry. As attendees strive to make a difference, embracing plastic management strategies aligned with sustainable practices is essential for creating positive change within communities.

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