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The Journey of Wanjiku Lucia Mugo: From Home Baker to Baking Club Creator

In this episode of Chef Talks, we had the pleasure of hearing from Wanjiku Lucia Mugo, a remarkable individual who turned her passion for baking into a thriving community. Wanjiku’s journey, which began with a simple dissatisfaction with a store-bought cake, led to the creation of the Bakers Club, a platform that has connected and empowered thousands of bakers. Join us as we delve into Wanjiku’s inspirational story and the valuable lessons she learned along the way.

The Birth of a Passion:

Wanjiku’s baking journey started in 2014 when she decided to take matters into her own hands after being disappointed with a cake purchased for her son’s birthday. Armed with memories of a home science class in high school, she began experimenting in her kitchen and quickly discovered her love for baking. Despite having a day job unrelated to baking, her passion grew stronger, and she realized that baking was more than just mixing ingredients. Love, she came to understand, was the secret ingredient that made every cake special.

The Challenges of a Beginner:

As a novice baker, Wanjiku faced numerous challenges, including sourcing the necessary equipment and finding answers to her baking-related questions. Determined to turn these roadblocks into opportunities, she established the Bakers Club on Facebook in February 2015. The club served as a space for bakers to connect, network, and share valuable information. What started as a small group grew into a robust community of 445,000 members, providing a platform for bakers to seek advice, collaborate, and find suppliers for their baking needs.

Empowering the Baking Community:

One of the key achievements of the Bakers Club was its ability to provide support and resources to fellow bakers. Wanjiku noticed the difficulty many beginners faced in obtaining packaging and other essential supplies, so she encouraged members to share their knowledge and recommendations. Through the power of this network, bakers found ease in sourcing their requirements, with members readily assisting by providing information on where to find various baking necessities. The club’s growth led to the creation of business opportunities, as previously struggling bakers now had the means to establish stores and access customers through online platforms.

The Transformation from Passion to Profession:

For Wanjiku, the transition from baking as a passion to a profession was a significant milestone. She emphasized the importance of skill development and constant honing of one’s craft. Baking, she explained, requires dedication, stamina, and a willingness to invest time in perfecting techniques. Through the Bakers Club, Wanjiku sought to demystify the art of cake making, showing that anyone with the desire and willingness could create delicious cakes from the comfort of their own kitchens.

Standing Out as a Professional:

Aspiring bakers can learn from Wanjiku’s emphasis on professionalism. Baking, she stressed, is a serious profession that demands respect. It is essential to differentiate oneself from casual hobbyists by actively presenting oneself as a professional. This includes not only honing one’s baking skills but also marketing oneself effectively and establishing a brand identity. By conveying a strong sense of professionalism, bakers can command trust and confidence from customers.

Lessons for Every Baker:

Wanjiku’s journey offers valuable lessons for all aspiring bakers. First and foremost, she highlights the importance of passion and dedication in pursuing one’s dreams. Baking is not an easy profession, and it requires hard work and resilience. Furthermore, building a support network and engaging with fellow bakers can provide immense benefits, from sourcing supplies to gaining inspiration and sharing knowledge. Lastly, the separation of personal and business finances, even when starting from a home kitchen, is vital for maintaining clarity and professionalism.

Wanjiku Lucia Mugo’s journey from a dissatisfied cake consumer to the creator of a thriving baking community is an inspiring example for aspiring bakers everywhere. Her story not only showcases the power of passion but also demonstrates the impact a supportive network can have on individual growth and success. Through her Bakers Club, Wanjiku has empowered and transformed the baking industry. Her journey serves as a reminder that with determination, skill development, and a commitment to professionalism, anyone can turn their passion into a successful business. Aspiring bakers can learn from Wanjiku’s experiences, finding inspiration and guidance to embark on their own baking journeys.



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