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East Africa Chef Magazine Edition 1

The steps of building a commercial kitchen

By Unighir Ltd

The high cost in real estate has impinged on kitchen sizes dictating that every space must be utilized optimally. A professional engineer should visit the site in order to take measurements. Different sites have different challenges in location, space, mechanical and electrical requirements. To maximize utilization of space most products and more so fabric- able items are often space tailored.

Design engineers who visit the site then define the space. They play a pivotal role with their understanding on parameters to put to consideration and that can result in outstanding design in shape based on service layout available. To allow maximum output and cost efficiency all teams must work together and in communication with each other in defining space, selection of Equipment, civil, Electrical and Mechanical works.  The design engineers must be professionals and experienced in Drawing, Adobe, 3D, and Google sketch.

The choices of Equipment are driven by the capacity, material, type, cost and space available amongst others.

To those with limited knowledge of the kitchen appliances should consult with experienced and trusted associates or consultants on best choices on durability, maximum functionality, maintenance, and functionality and return period on the investment.

To get an outstanding kitchen as a finished product, go for professionals in the industry.

Before engaging a contractor to work, conduct due diligence. The due diligence should reveal their qualification, experience, client history, tools and machines etc.  In regard to Unighir, besides well-trained personnel in stainless steel, the machines in use include Guillotine, Hydra-bending, Punching machines, TIG welding and high-quality finishing machine. 

After measurement, designs and fabrication, the next stage is working physically on the site area. For the best outcome, installation should be done by qualified professionals. This assures speedy and correct installation that allows smooth operations. This also reduces wastage, damage and warranty are respected. 

To just mention, the major and essential components of a commercial kitchen are Gas piping, Electrical work, Refrigeration, Ventilation Ducting and Mechanical works. The engineers and technicians must be well trained to manufacture and commission the equipment supplied. All items should be confirmed to be working before handover to the client. 

Training after installation is paramount. The client should be trained on how to operate the equipment for efficiency and smooth operation. The client should further be trained on basic maintenance of the equipment. There should be regular training to ensure the user acquires new knowledge on incoming technology. This is often done through demonstrations on the new products in the market.  

The engineers and technicians should continuously improve their skill for efficiency and eliminate wastages in their areas of expertise.

 Finally and very important, Commercial kitchen equipment is expensive to purchase. And one of the pivotal considerations is their capacity to last long, durability. Time and again the machines breakdown due to various issues like electrical faults, expiry period or wrong operations etc.

After completion of installation and confirmation by the client, often the contractor allows for a window period after which both parties may come up with a Maintenance contract for the installed equipment.

When these steps are followed diligently one cannot stray off a polished and passionately build a commercial kitchen.

Source: Unighir Directors Amrik S. Ghir & Tajinder S. Ghir.  Compiled by Elijah Njenga, Head of Human Resource & Administration, UNIGHIR LTD, Road C Off Enterprise (behind Firestone), 

  • P.O BOX 10049-00400 Nairobi, Kenya. 
  • Tel:+254(0) 20 261 3667/67/70,
  • + 254(0) 20 205 5380/81
  • Mob: +254 (0)722 236 428, +254(0)733 974 870  

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