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Bakery Expo

The East Africa Bakery & Pastry Expo audience

A Quick Look at the Audience
People attend the expo with the intention of finding new vendors to supply them with their ingredients, equipment, and services. There is no venue more suitable than the East Africa Bakery and Pastry Expo to present your brand to this demographic of consumers if you have the intention of making a purchase from them.

The East Africa Bakery & Pastry Expo is the prime location for suppliers to meet with customers, celebrate the industry, present new goods, equipment, and services, and discuss the most effective methods for conducting business all under one roof.

The East Africa Bakery and Pastry Expo is a venue that allows attendees to discover and investigate the most recent baking trends and techniques. This event is representative of the diversity that exists within the artisan retail bakery business. Previous artisan bakery exhibits attracted hundreds of bakery experts from all around Kenya and several other countries. These professionals came from specialty, full-line, restaurant, intermediate wholesale, frozen dough, and bargain warehouse guests.

Discover the Reasons Why Artisan Bakers Visit Our Shows.
1. Stay Current with Industry Trends 2. Discover Innovative Products
3. Find New & Existing Suppliers
4. Participate in an occasion that is only centred on the baking industry
5. Access to Training Materials

Who Will Be There?
Over seventy-five per cent of those attending are either owners, chief executive officers, managers, or representatives from:
1. Bakeries Specializing in Retail Specialty Goods
2. Cafes and bakeries
3. Full-Line Bakeries
4. In-store Bakeries
5. Manufacturer Suppliers
6. Distributors and Wholesalers in the Middle
7. Distributing Companies

It is anticipated that the bakery business would expand by a factor of two by 2025. This indicates that there are a great deal more potential buyers from bakeries, bakery cafes, and other food-service enterprises who are actively searching the market for products that are comparable to the ones that you sell. Attend the East Africa Bakery and Pastry Expo to network with potential purchasers in their natural environment.

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