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Chef Yusuf R. Masoso

Meet Chef Yusuf R. Masoso, a seasoned culinary expert whose journey through the world of flavors has been enriched with skill and experience. Trained and nurtured, Chef Yusuf holds not just one, but two distinguished certificates from the esteemed Kenya Utalii College. With expertise in buffet preparation and presentation as well as à la carte cookery, his culinary prowess knows no bounds.

Chef Yusuf’s culinary voyage commenced in the late 1980s as a pastry apprentice at the renowned Eden ROC Hotel in the charming coastal town of Malindi. In the years that followed, from 1990 to 1992, he adorned the roles of both a pastry chef and a night baker, allowing his passion for cooking to unfurl. His desire to expand his horizons led him to venture into the main kitchen, and the fruits of this decision were bountiful. By 1993, he had ascended to the esteemed position of chef saucier at the Lawford’s Beach Club in Malindi, under the guidance of mentor Ibrahim Halake. Elevated to the role of Tournant chef, Chef Yusuf took the reins as the overseer of all “chefs de partie,” showcasing his expertise and leadership.

With each new chapter, Chef Yusuf’s journey evolved. In 1998, he found himself at the Mnarani Club in Kilifi, embracing the role of a junior sous chef until 2000. As Chef Anton Mosimann wisely said, learning from the best is paramount, even if it entails relinquishing a current post. And so, in 2003, Chef Yusuf joined forces with Chef Ambari at Tiwi Travellers, stepping in as a dedicated “chef de partie.” Under Chef Ambari’s tutelage, he imbibed invaluable wisdom that propelled his career to new heights.

In 2008, the Ali Barbour’s group welcomed Chef Yusuf into their fold. For five prolific years, he held the reins as the head chef, overseeing three remarkable establishments – Forty Thieves, The Flamboyant Boutique Hotel, and the iconic Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant – until 2013. At this juncture, Chef Ambari extended an invitation to serve as the executive sous chef at the Amani Tiwi Beach Resort. With respect and dedication, Chef Yusuf embraced this new role for a year before yet another opportunity beckoned.

His culinary journey took him to the stunning Royal Zanzibar Beach Resort, where for five fruitful years, he wielded his skills as the executive sous chef. Each creation, each dish, and each moment he orchestrated spoke of his unwavering commitment to the art of gastronomy.

Join Chef Yusuf as he weaves together flavours and experiences gathered across decades, bringing a world of tastes to your plate.

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