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Bakery Expo 2021

EAST AFRICA BAKERY & PASTRY EXPO is a strategic platform aimed at benefiting the baking, catering, and confectionery business.  Global and Regional manufacturers and suppliers of equipment, associated services will showcase their capacities and capabilities in conjunction with the latest technologies in the industry. The bakery and confectionery industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in East Africa. Bread and pastries are major bakery products and about the most in-demand products all over the world. The emergence of a significant middle-class, urbanization and the expansion of modern habits by busy, health-conscious, and well-informed consumers are equally raising the consumption of bakery products in East Africa. The changing demographics are also changing the way people are consuming bakery products.  There is no doubt that bakery products are becoming a prime food of East Africans. They are food items to nourish those with a hectic lifestyle.  To cater to this ever-growing demand, innumerable production units are springing up in every nook and corner of the country. From small bakeries to bigger ones, the demand for upgrading technology and implementing change is rapidly growing.



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