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Chef Godfrey Ouda

The name Godfrey Ouda evokes plenty of enthusiasm and reverence, especially among peers in the hotel industry in Kenya. But it isn’t just about the name. There is an awe-inspiring story behind this man, who has moved ground and water for the Sarova Stanley in recent years.

He is a man who has served dignitaries from all walks of life. Heads of State, ministers, government delegations, foreign diplomats, and so forth, have had the privilege of a meal crafted by his experienced hand.

His greatest inspiration, which has seen him rise through the ranks, was a German at the Horseman Restaurant in Karen who made him the establishment’s chef at the age of 28, which is a rare occurrence in the industry. Later on, a significant turnaround happened to him at Fairview Hotel, where he was picked by the then manager, Mark Abbema, to be the Executive Chef.

When he finally landed the opportunity at the Sarova Stanley as the Executive Chef, he met yet another man from whom he drew a lot of inspiration. Cuisine Orator, Shailender Singh was a remarkable gentleman who held his hand and taught him about the best cuisines around the world.

His biggest achievement has been to see many chefs, stewards, and cooks train under him and end up with good placements and lucrative contracts both locally and abroad.

Chef Ouda is known as a very highly organized, focused visionary who plans for all events and cooking in an orderly manner. His mantra is often to see the quality in the quantity served at all times.

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