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East Africa Bakery & Pastry Expo 2021: A Showcase by Top Industry Suppliers

The East Africa Bakery and Pastry Expo took place in 2021 and was held in Nairobi, Kenya. The event was organized as a platform for different suppliers to showcase their baking ingredients and products. Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the organizers ensured that the event was a success and adhered to all health and safety guidelines.

The expo was well-attended, with a high level of participation from the hospitality industry in East Africa. The exhibitors, drawn from the bakery and pastry industry in East Africa, displayed their products using various ingredients available in the market. The exhibits produced eye-catching and mouth-watering baking demonstrations to wet the appetite of bakers and food enthusiasts drawn from the East African region and beyond.

The Sarit Expo Centre hosted the event, providing a suitable location for the different suppliers to showcase their products. The exhibitors spent days upon days and night upon night planning and strategizing on how best they would exhibit. Their setup and displays sent a clear message that they truly meant business and were ready for an aggressive marketing exercise.

Many prominent suppliers participated in the event. For example, Lesaffre, a well-known French baking ingredients firm, showcased a variety of ingredients. The company has a presence in almost every country across the entire globe, and its presence in Kenya is a testament to the growing opportunities in East Africa’s baking industry.

Pembe Flower Mills, a renowned flour producer in Kenya, participated in the expo for the first time. The firm showcased its products and interacted with clients to learn about their needs and concerns. Pradeep Enterprises, one of the largest manufacturers in East and Central Africa of a variety of cooking and baking products, including gel food coloring, spices, dehydrated fruits, cake decorations, and food additives, also participated in the event.

Top Serve Limited, a company that supplies cake decorations and accessories, was also present at the event. The company featured some of its best offerings to the eager and delighted attendees.

The expo provided an opportunity for visitors to network and learn about new products and technologies in the baking industry. Visitors had a field day and were spoilt for choice on the quality of products that were on offer. The event was well-received by visitors and participants alike and was seen as a great platform for networking and promoting new products.

Overall, the East Africa Bakery and Pastry Expo was a well-organized and successful event that provided an opportunity for different suppliers in the baking industry to showcase their products. The event was a clear indication of the growing opportunities in the baking industry in East Africa and provided a platform for networking and learning about new products and technologies.




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