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East Africa Chef Magazine Edition 1

Editor’s Note – Welcome to First East Africa Chef Magazine

We are delighted to welcome you to this inaugural edition of East Africa Chef Magazine. This has been a remarkable journey borne out of necessity and desire by the hospitality industry at large, to have a publication that will be specific to the kitchen. Indeed, we have responded to that profound call by partnering with various chef bodies in the country and beyond, to bring you this refreshing copy.

We are strongly convinced that this timely copy will not only help industry players comprehend better the kitchen place, but will also be a valuable resource for all your kitchen and cooking needs in the long run.

We usher you to our open doors now, and invite you to the appetite-whetting world of food, entertainment and relaxation. If you ever thought the kitchen was a place for cooking and serving meals only, we are here to thoroughly distort your conviction by ushering you to a revolving world where entertainment is not only reminisced in the art of cooking, but in the process that makes that art come to life. A kitchen lives, and a kitchen talks, laughs, cries and gets depressed because of pressure. A kitchen is more alive than you could ever imagine. We want to tag your ear along, and present you with the silent conversations that happen between crockery, cutlery, food, fire and the chef. It is a semblance of a dance that is delicately choreographed to perfection, with every key ingredient falling in place just at the right time. That’s how food is made, ladies and gentlemen, and presented to you not just for your stomach, but as a fulfilling end to an important process that keeps you alive.

In this copy, you will find interesting profiles of various household names in the kitchen, chefs who have dedicated the better part of their profession in ensuring the art of cooking is preserved. We have also lined up several stories to help you comprehend the kitchen place, and why it is important to make it as homely as is possible for the user.

We hope this copy will inspire you to throw your hat into the ring, and to declare today that you are ready to cast aside your career for a more sophisticated journey in the kitchen! Enjoy, and welcome to the East Africa Chef Magazine. This copy is proudly supported by our partners, Supreme Chefs, which is an association of Chefs in East Africa.

Oliver Odhiambo, Managing Editor

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