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How DK Engineering is embracing baking evolution


Times have changed. Technology has fast taken a grip on every aspect of life. And everyone seems headed in one unchanging direction. As DK Engineering has discovered, with the changing world in which we live, nothing new lasts a day. It is that fast, the more reason why the giant firm has adopted a strategy that enables it to flexibly change with the demands of time to satisfy the market.

“Our greatest challenge has been the changing eating habits of the greater middle class in Kenya,” says Mr Leonard Kamau who is the Managing Director of the firm. “This huge consumer base has prompted for changes in market dynamics, that’s why there are more bakeries in our retails shops today than it were the case three or so years ago.”

Mr. Kamau argues that the changing eating habits have not only redefined how consumption of various food items is concerned, but has seen a tilt in the scale in terms of the kind of food on demand.

“As it is, there are more fast food restaurants that serve pastries, pizza and other popular foods in the market. Pastries appear to have topped that list recently, hence our deliberate move to manufacture and develop more commercial kitchen equipment for the bakery industry,” Mr. Kamau says.

He makes case for the new pastry shops in town including Burger King, KFC, Kaldis, Domino’s, Pizza Hut and Subway, which are largely international brands that have most recently set up shop here in Kenya. It is a clear sign of the changing food consumption preferences, he says. The bakeries in supermarkets are a clear indication of these changing trends, which he says will not stop any time soon. The consumers, he says, are making preference for more pastries and baking products than they used to do a few years ago.

“Food consumption preferences are clear,” Mr. Kamau says. “So we must adapt to this increasingly untamable trend in order to be relevant in the market, and in order to meet the underlying demand emerging from this surprising scenario.”

So what is DK Engineering doing about it in order to satisfy the consumer? The firm has taken a step in recent months towards supplying the market and the growing industry at large with quality pastries and baking equipment which are reliable and easy to use.

“These equipments we have introduced are not only durable and reliable, but come with an after-sales service guarantee,” Mr. Kamau says. “In the long run, our hope is to ensure we can stay abreast with the demand, and if possible, try to meet it in the long run. That’s why we have embraced this change fully.”

Some of the specific equipments designed and assembled by DK Engineering include a Pastry Shop for Supermarkets, a Deck Oven, Pizza Shop Equipment Set-up and a combination of the Pizza and Pastry Shop.

Of importance to DK Engineering is the fact that Pizza is fast becoming a highly-desired food product in Kenya, that is why the emergence of Pizza brands in Kenya will only necessitate the grounds for more business volume.

As it stands, DK Engineering is happy to play the tune the market wants. That tune is not about the change any time soon.


Deck Oven D-Series

Reliable deck ovens for both confectionery and bakery.

The deck oven D-Series from Sveba Dahlen is the result of several years of development with the goal of delivering the world’s best deck oven, with the best baking results. The fact that the deck ovens in the D-Series also work in different types of bakeries has been a key factor. In addition, they are energy efficient, easy to use and reliable. The deck ovens in the series are also flexible with the option of adding decks wherever necessary.

Pizza Oven P-Series

P-Series pizza ovens set a new standard for baking pizza.

The pizza ovens are well-insulated, resulting in well distributed heat in the oven chamber and cost savings. A reliable solution that always delivers perfect results, even in high-stress situations. The double tempered glass makes the oven extremely energy efficient. This leads to an oven that is economical and easy to use, ensuring well baked pizzas! The pizza oven P-Series got 14 sizes to choose between!

  • DK Engineering Co. Ltd || Embakasi Area, North Airport Road, KENYA
  • Email: || Phone: 020-3540258, 020-8018899
  • Mobile: 0722-378937/0720-432718/ 0722-789851/0722-708502

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