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Bakery & Pastry Expo 2018: First of Its Kind in Kenya

In 2018, the 2nd Bakery & Pastry Expo was held in Kenya, marking the first time that an event of its kind had taken place in the region. The goal of the expo was to bring together suppliers of bakery and pastry products in one location to showcase their wares and establish new connections with bakers and other professionals in the industry.

Organizers of the event recognized that there was a need for such an expo in Kenya, as there are many bakeries throughout the region, but not enough suppliers to meet their needs. By bringing together a wide range of suppliers, the expo aimed to provide bakers with a one-stop-shop for all of their ingredient and equipment needs.

The event featured a diverse range of suppliers and equipment, including cake decorating accessories, edible printing equipment, ingredients such as cocoa, fruits, and gelatin, fondant, coffee machines, bakery equipment, and more. Visitors could attend live baking demonstrations, learn about new products and techniques from international chefs, and explore the many offerings from various vendors.

Exhibitors were pleased with the event and the opportunity to connect with potential customers. Many of them expressed their excitement at being able to participate in the expo, as it provided them with a platform to introduce their products to the local market and to reach new customers.

One of the key benefits of the expo was the opportunity for suppliers and customers to interact directly. This allowed for a more personal approach to doing business, as suppliers could explain their products and services to potential customers and answer any questions they had. Visitors to the expo appreciated the opportunity to learn about new products, techniques, and suppliers that they may not have otherwise known about.

Overall, the 2nd Bakery & Pastry Expo was a success and received positive feedback from attendees and exhibitors alike. Organizers expressed hopes for future growth and expansion into other regions of Africa, recognizing the need for such an event to bring together suppliers and customers in the industry.


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