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I am a Sous Chef with ten years of hands-on experience in preparing different types of cuisines, ranging from French, Arabic, Continental, Asian, Afro-Latin, and Creole.

I am lucky to have been in kitchens that a lot of chefs only dream of stepping into, including working for Celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsey and Michael Caines. It has not been an easy journey, but it has been a very exciting one that was filled with opportunities. I have worked in six different countries and have gotten the chance to learn from chefs from all over the world.


I started my career in Sheraton, Dubai, and later did a pre-opening of the St, Regis, Doha. I got a chance to take my skills to the Maldives for the first time. And later, I worked with good brands like Jumeirah, Hilton, Universal, and Starwood. I am currently working for Blue Safari in Seychelles.

Advice to other chefs: please work hard to earn your experience and knowledge first. Fill up your brains with knowledge and ideas so that later, they will be able to fill up your pocket. Let knowledge be your passport for everywhere you wish to go.

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