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Chef Emily Anjeo

Chef Emily Anjeo joined the culinary industry twenty years ago straight from The Kenya Polytechnic University College, where she took a diploma course in Catering and Accommodation Technology. After years of working as a Line Cook, her passion and drive for culinary excellence pushed her to further her studies at Top Chef Culinary Institute for a diploma in Professional Chef Course. She graduated with a distinction.

She has worked in various hotels and restaurants here in Kenya which include The Lord Erroll Gourmet Restaurant, Intercontinental Hotel, Fairmont Norfolk Hotel, Kivi Milimani, and she is currently the acting Executive Chef at Panari Group Hotels.

As a Lady Chef, Emily has survived stiff competition in this male-dominated industry. She gives it her all and has been featured in various Magazines and TV shows and also won awards, which include:

  • Kenchic Cooking Competition
  • Best in Practicals Top Chefs, Year 5
  • Nestle Cooking Competition
  • Top Chefs Cooking Competition

Her best advice to upcoming lady chefs is that hospitality is a mammoth of production and one of the fastest growing industries. However, the longevity of female chefs is threatened in this male-dominated field due to a myriad of challenges, such as career stereotyping, sexual harassment, gender discrimination and work-life balance. Many women seem to remain in what is termed as “The Marzipan Layer”, just below the top executive icing. They should keep their eyes on the prize.

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